Import Course Content from One Moodle Site to Another


The instructions below explain how to copy content from one Moodle site to another. Please note that E-Reserves and Video Reserves will not copy over. E-Reserves can be copied by your ADC or Library Reserves staff. Video Reserves can be requested with this form.

Proceed with caution as there is no "undo" after importing! Contact AskIT if you would like us to import material for you.



1. Go to the Moodle page for the new course and click the "Course Management" gear icon in the top menu bar. 

2. Click "Import".

3. On the next screen, you will search for the course you want to import from. The search interface is a bit finicky, so you may want to go to the Moodle site of the old course and copy the course number displayed within the parentheses of the breadcrumb link. Then, paste that into the search box and click Search.

course number
paste course number into search box

4. Select the course you want and click Continue.
select course

5. Choose what Moodle components you want to import. All you generally need are the activities and resources, and if you use quizzes, the question bank. You can uncheck everything else.

Then, if you want to import all course content, click "Jump to Final Step". If you only want certain items, click Next.
backup settings

6. If you selected Next in the previous step, you will see a list of everything on the old Moodle site. Simply check or uncheck the items. 

We suggest unchecking Announcements, E-Reserves and Video-Reserves, since importing these will create duplicate links in the new site. 

If your old site contained topic summaries, those will be included if you leave the topic name checked.  Note that topic names in the new site will not be changed except in the case where the section name in the old site was changed/customized, and the section name in the new site is not.

Click Next at the very bottom.
items to include
click next

7. The next screen will show a summary of what will be imported. If it looks OK, click Perform Import. 
perform import

8. You will see a notice that your import is complete. Click Continue. 
import complete

9. Depending on the schedule of the semester, items may not end up in the correct section. You can move items (or whole sections) by dragging the crosshair icon. This can get tricky, so just let us know if you need help. 

10.  If you need more or fewer sections, turn editing on and click the + or - buttons below the bottom section to add or remove. 
add or remove section


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