Dock a Block



In the default configuration of Moodle, blocks occupy the left and right columns of the display.  This takes up space and can distract from the course material. Additionally, critical blocks can be hidden below the bottom of the display and require scrolling to reach.

blocks not docked

Moodle provides the ability to "dock" blocks. A docked block shows up as a label along the left edge of the display. To dock a block, click on the dock icon, block to dock icon , in the upper right of the block. This will make lower blocks easier to get to. For example, docking the Navigation block moves the Administration block to the top. If you dock all the blocks in either the left or right column, you can widen the space available for course content. Additionally, unless you dock a lot of blocks, all the docked blogs will be available without scrolling.

All blocks docked

Blocks will appear top to bottom in the order they were docked.

To access the docked block, simply move your mouse over the block label in the docking area and the contents of the block will appear in a flyout format.

nav block expanded

Note that docking is controlled by individual users. An instructor can not dock the blocks in their course for the students.

To undock a block and return it to the default display location, either click on the undock icon, dock to block icon , in the upper right of the flyout block, or click on the Undock icon at the bottom of the docking area to undock all the blocks.


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