Moodle currently supports two text editors. The default editor at Amherst is Atto. We have modified this editor to include a video/audio recording capability. The video/audio recording icon is the last item on the second row.

Atto’s Advantages:

  • Autosave: Atto will autosave a draft every minute while you are working in the text editor. If you accidentally navigate away from a page, or have a network blip, simply return to the edit screen and your work will be recovered. 
  • Equation Editor: Atto features a new equation editor that lets you enter math notation using Mathjax or Tex.
  • Enhanced Media Embedding: Atto makes it easy to add images, video, or audio, and includes built-in support for important accessibility features like captioning and audio description.
  • Accessibility Checker: Atto lets you check your text for potential accessibility issues and screen-reader compatibility. This is key for making sure our content is accessible and usable for all students.
  • Image Drag-and-Drop: Simply drag an image from your computer into the text area and it will be added to Moodle. Note that it adds the image at full size, so you may need to re-size it beforehand.

If you prefer to use TinyMCE (which was the Moodle default until Summer 2017), you can switch back in your User Preferences (User Menu at top right > Preferences > Editor Preferences).