Update Your Preferred Name or Pronouns in Workday & Moodle

  • When a user has a preferred first name and/or pronouns set in Workday, Moodle will sync in and display this information on the course participants page.
  • If you add a preferred first name, Moodle will display this instead of your official first name everywhere your name appears.
  • Changes made in Workday before 5 pm will sync into Moodle the next morning by 9 am.

Add a Preferred Name in Workday

  • Log into workday.amherst.edu
  • Click the Personal Information app link.
  • Click the Personal Information section and select Preferred name.
  • You can add a preferred name on this screen and save it.

Add Pronouns in Workday

  • Log into workday.amherst.edu
  • Click the Personal Information app link.
  • Click the Pronouns section.
  • You can add pronouns on this screen and save it.

Name and Pronoun Information from the Registrar

Gender Pronouns Guide from the QRC

Update Your Moodle Profile Picture

  • For new Moodle users, or users with no user picture in Moodle, Moodle will automatically import pictures for all users from Workday.
  • Users can change their Moodle profile picture at any time.
  • Once you have a user picture in Moodle, it will not update again.
  • If you remove your Moodle profile picture and don't add a new one, your Workday picture will come back the next day.

Change Your Profile Picture in Moodle

  1. Click the User menu in the upper right (where you see your picture) and select Profile.
  2. In the User Details area, click Edit profile.
  3. Scroll down to the User picture section.
  4. To delete the existing picture, click the box next to Delete.
  5. Drag and drop the new image file to the files block in the New picture section.
  6. Click Update profile at the bottom of the page.
  7. This photo will remain in Moodle until you delete it.

Change your Profile Picture in Workday

  • Log into workday.amherst.edu
  • Click the Personal Information app link.
  • Click Photo. You will be able to upload a new photo and save it on this screen.
  • Note that for this picture to sync into Moodle, you will need to remove any current picture in Moodle. Follow steps 1-4 above.
    • The new photo from Workday will sync in the following morning (usually by 9 am).