Get Moodle help

How to access help files in moodle. 


If you encounter an option or term in Moodle that is unfamiliar, you can find out more about it by using Moodle’s in-line help files. A question mark in a circle indicates that there is a help file available on that topic. Click the question mark  question mark icon to access more information.

At any time you are in Moodle you will have access to the Need Help? section with links to basic help information.

Need help block

This section will usually be located in the upper right, but could be on the left during some administrative operations.

In general, Moodle is supported by the Academic Technology Services (ATS) department of the IT department. Request for addtional support, such as for training of either yourself or your students, should be directed to ATS. The best way to contact the department would be through the Help Desk at x2526 during working hours. After hours you can either call the Help Desk or use the askit help request form.

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