View Video Reserves


How to view a video reserve in moodle. 


  1. Go to Moodle.
  2. In the menu on the left, click My courses, and then your class.
  3. On the course page near the top, click Video Reserves.
  4. Click on video you want to watch.
  5. A Security warning might pop up. If it does, click on Run, Allow, or Trust. Windows users may receive a warning from the Windows firewall. Click Unblock if you see this message.
  6. You will briefly see a page that tells you to be patient while the video player launches.
  7. A window will pop up and begin playing the video.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Our video player provides for accessible keyboard-only control of videos. Please refer this list of JWPlayer keyboard shortcuts.

Troubleshoot viewing streamed video/Video reserves

If you do not see a list of video reserves on the class page in Moodle, it could be for a few reasons:

  1. You are not fully registered for the course, or your petition for the course has not been accepted or fully processed.
  2. Your professor has not put the video reserves online.
  3. The film may not be available yet due to a late request from the faculty member.

If you experience problems with streaming video, please fill out the Report Problems with Streaming Videos Form.

NOTE TO 5-COLLEGE STUDENTS: While we are sending out our streaming video to the 5-College network, we cannot vouch for, or troubleshoot network issues on other campuses. We can only fix the problems on our own campus. You may have less than perfect performance due to network congestion on your home campus.

5-College Students and Amherst students shopping classes during add-drop

Five-college students needing to access to course materials will need to have an Amherst College ID and petition for temporary access to the course material. This does not replace the need to formally enroll in the course which is done through the home institution. At some point during the semester, all students who have not formally enrolled in the course will be removed.

To get an Amherst account and petition for access go to account/petition form page.

The petition process is the same as the one that needs to be used by Amherst students who need access to course material during the drop and add period and who have not formally registered for a class.

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