New to Moodle? Need a refresher? Here are the top 10 most important (and most asked about) things about the Amherst Moodle!

1How do I get to the Amherst Moodle? 

Go to

Once you’re there, add a bookmark to your browser!

2 How do I find my courses?

In the Moodle dashboard, in the Course Overview block, use the filter menu to limit your view to In Progress, Future, Past, etc.


Courses will move from Future to In Progress a couple days before classes begin.

3 How is a Moodle site organized?

A Moodle site is organized around sections. These sections can be chronological (which is the default), or topical. 

The very top section is good for semester-long resources, and you’ll see it is pre-populated with a few things:

You can choose a different course format for your site, which can make the site look much nicer and improve usability and navigation.

4 How do I change my course image?

You can add a course image in your Course settings. This will replace the default Amherst seal image on the course site, and will appear in the Dashboard view of courses.

course image

5 Who has access to my Moodle site?

Student enrollments are automatically synced with Workday. Here’s how to view a list of students.

Moodle sites are hidden from students until the week before classes. More on site visibility & availability

Faculty can add a teaching or classroom assistant to their Moodle site.

6 How do I email the class?

There are a few different options outlined here. The Announcements forum is a great option. 

7 How do I start editing the site or adding material?

Turn editing on - this button is now located in the top menu bar.


8 How do I change a section heading, or add text to the section?

You can edit a course section to change the heading text, or add text below the heading. 

In addition to text, you can use the Moodle Text Editor to insert media, images, or links.

edit section


9 How do I upload a syllabus or other file?

You can drag-and-drop upload any type of file to Moodle- here’s how

upload file

10 How do I add other activities or resources?

The Activity Chooser shows all the other activities and resources you can add to a Moodle site.

 Most popular at Amherst: