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Set up a classroom video screening


How to set up a classroom video screening. 



Show Video During Class Meeting Time

  1. Bring the video you need to class. You can bring your own video, or borrow from the library.For library videos, put the video titles you will need on Reserve at the beginning of the semester, so they are readily available when you need them. Send a Reserve list to the Frost library Circulation Department or Acquisitions well in advance of the start of the semester.

  2. Consult the instructional booklet that is located in the storage drawers of the classroom A/V racks. Alternatively, call ATS in advance, and make an appointment for us to come to your class room and provide instruction on the use of the equipment.

Show Video Outside of Class Meeting Time 

  1. Reserve a screening room with the Room Reservations office: (413) 542-8269. Please note: your screening room does not need to be the same as your regular classroom. Paula in Room Reservations has a list of all rooms, their size, and a list of equipment. You can see the same list here:
  2. After you get your confirmation from Paula, inform your students of the location, date, and time of the screening. Please wait to inform the students about the screening until details until AFTER you get your room confirmation, because you may not get the room you initially requested.

  3. Obtain a key to the video cabinet, if necessary. Most classroom A/V systems are unlocked and ready to use, but there are a few that we keep locked to prevent unauthorized use or theft: Merrill 1 and 2, Stirn Theater, Cole Assembly, and all 4 classrooms in Fayerweather: 113, 115, 117, and 217a all require keys.

    ATS will issue keys to faculty for an entire semester or loan out as needed for one-time use. Keys circulate from Seeley Mudd room 110, Mon – Fri between 8 and 5pm. These circulating keys may also be used by students designated or hired by their faculty member. Pick up before 5, drop off at Help Desk any time the Computer Center is open. Contact John Kunhardt to make arrangements: faculty will have to let us know the name of the student coming to get the key.

  4. Get the video whether from the library or other source. Bring it to the room and screen it, or find a student to do the same. Again, instructions on how to use the equipment are in the storage drawer of the A/V rack. Alternately, call ATS in advance and make an appointment for us to come to your classroom and provide instruction on use of equipment during regular business hours.

  5. Shut off projector after the screening. If applicable, return the video to the Reserve desk in the Library. Projectors cannot be left on all night, so if you cannot be in the room when the screening is over, please make arrangements that do not involve IT staff.

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