As of August 2019, Faculty and ADC’s can directly add classroom assistants to their Moodle sites. Please see our list of available roles and their associated access levels here. All student and petioner enrollments continue to be managed by the Registrar and Workday.

Go to your course's Moodle site and click the "Course Management" gear icon in the top menu bar. 

  A screen shot showing the location of the “course management gears” at the top of a Moodle page.

In the User Links section, click "Participants" (yes, this takes you to a different screen than the Participants link in the sidebar).

Click the “Enroll Users” button toward the top right.
enroll users

A pop-up screen will open. First, select the role you’d like your classroom assistant to have. Please see our list of available roles and their associated access levels here.
role menu

In the select users box, enter the username of the person you’d like to enroll. Searching by just first or last name can be a bit finicky, so we do recommend searching by email address or username. When you see the person listed, click their name.
click user

Can’t find your TA?

  • If they are already enrolled in the course, they will not appear in the search. If you need to give TA permissions to a currently enrolled student, for example, see below for adjusting roles for existing users.
  • Double check that you have their exact username.

If you added the wrong person, click the “x” next to their name.
remove user

If you have other users you’d like to enroll in the same role, you can type in their username next and continue adding as many people as you need into the same role. When everyone you need is listed next to “select users”, click “Enroll Users”.
enroll users

Change Roles or Adjust Access Levels

If you need to adjust the access level of a user (ie from non-editing to editing), on the Enroll Users screen click the pencil icon to edit the user’s role assignment. Note that you will not be able to change or remove enrollments that came in from Workday, please contact the registrar in this situation. 
edit role

You can click the “x” next to the old role to remove it, and type the name of the new role into the search box to select it. You can also simply add an additional role to a user to give them additional access.
delete role

Be sure to click the “Save” icon when you’re done to apply the change.
save button