If a Five College Student is having trouble getting into Moodle, here are a few things to check.

Feel free to refer students to this page which has instructions for them.

Is the student listed on the Participants page of the Moodle site?

Click the top left Menu icon to open the Sidebar menu, then click Participants.

Yes, they are listed:
  • If classes have not yet begun, students will not see class links in Moodle. Once sites are made visible they will be all set.  
  • Their registration may have just been processed- have the student try again.
  • Make sure they are going to the Amherst Moodle (moodle.amherst.edu) (not the Smith or Mount Holyoke Moodle!).
  • Make sure they are using their Amherst login and not their home campus login. 
  • If the don't know their Amherst login, they can use the Five College Account Check/Account Request form using their home institution login credentials.  
No, they are not listed:
  • The student's paperwork has probably not made it through the system yet. 
  • They should request an Amherst account if they don't have one already. This can take a few days to get processed. 
  • Once they have a login, they can submit a petition request for temporary Moodle access.
  • Petitioner access is temporary and is removed after add/drop- so make sure the official registration does get processed!

Feel free to contact AskIT for more help!