The Participants list provides a useful view of everyone who has access to the Moodle site, and allows you to download a roster or email participants. Please note that official course rosters are located in ACData. 

Click the top left Menu icon to toggle open the sidebar, and click Participants.
participants link

To just see the students, select All Students from the Current Role pull-down menu on the right. All Students includes both students, and those in the course as petitioners.

Download roster will export a list of students as an Excel spreadsheet.

You can use the Email this course link to email all participants, or expand the Email by role section to email only participants in a certain role (eg, students and petitioners).

The participants list also shows you what role a student has in the site.

  • student-AC is a student officially enrolled in the course
  • petition-AC means the student has petitioned for access and is not officially enrolled
  • student-5C is a five college student officially enrolled in the course
  • student-other is an auditor or other community member