How to Create Groups


Moodle allows you to divide your students into groups.  You can then use the groups to divide activities. For example, if you use groups with a forum each group would get a different copy of the same forum. You can set the forum to prevent or allow students in one group to see postings done by members of another group.

See the group documentation at for a discussion of the types of groups. You must adjust the course settings to allow for groups before you can create any.



Create a group

  1. Go to the Administration block, then Course administration  Users Groups.  
    Administration block showing group link

    This brings up the Groups interface.  In this example two groups already exists. Select a group to see who are members.
    Groups interface
  2. To create a new group, click on the Create group button to bring up the new group interface. Group creation interface
  3. Give the group a name and an optional description.
  4. When done click Save changes.  This will take you back to the original group page.  The new group will now be listed and selected. 

To add students to the group

  1. Click on a group in the group list.
  2. Click on the Add/remove users button.
    Adding student to a group.
  3. Select a person in the list of potential members and then click the Add button.  Repeat until you've added everybody you want to to the group.  You can not add someone to a group if they aren't in the course.

If you accidentally add someone you shouldn't, select them in the left column and use the Remove button. 
When done, click on Back to group

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