Moodle will move from version 3.2 to 3.5 on June 18th. There are no big changes to functionality, and there are some useful new features we hope you will enjoy. Here's what to expect! 

New Course Overview Block

The Moodle "Dashboard" page has a new course overview block. This block sorts courses by timeframe (current, past, future) and shows students upcoming deadlines like assignment due dates. 

Drag and Drop Media Embedding

If you'd like to add an audio or video clip to your Moodle site, you can now simply upload it with the drag-and-drop method and Moodle will give an option to display it in an embedded media player (versus as a downloadable file). 

Labels for Hidden Items

It was not always easy to tell which items on a Moodle site were hidden due to the subtle difference in font color. Hidden items now get a very obvious label right below the link. The label is visible only to instructors.

  hidden label

Quick Navigation Links within Activities

When viewing an activity like a forum or assignment, you now will see previous, next, and "jump-to" links to go to other activities in the Moodle site, without having to go back to the main Moodle page.

Accepted File Types for Assignments

Tired of students submitting assignments to you in Open Office or other wacky file types? You can now limit what type of files you will accept for an assignment (e.g. PDF or Word only).

Grading Reminders for Assignments

Moodle can now show you a reminder to grade an assignment. You set the date in the assignment's setting, and a reminder will display on the Course overview block and in the Calendar. It will display when at least one student has submitted.

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