Cloud Hosting

In order to ensure the best service and experience for everyone who uses Moodle, we will move Moodle to a cloud-hosted provider on July 29th. Moodle will be unavailable from Friday July 26th through Monday the 29th while we make the switch.

The cloud-hosted system will be identical to our current one, and Moodle users should not notice any difference (aside from the changes below related to the 3.6 upgrade). Moodle will retain all the same courses and content, and all items added to Moodle before the 26th will carry over.

Upgrade to Version 3.6

On June 6th, 2019, Moodle received an upgrade to version 3.6.

The main change and improvement to be aware of is that all Moodle users will come to the new Moodle Dashboard page after logging in.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard provides a customizable home page with several useful features to help you easily access and organize your Moodle courses and activities. Anyone logging into Moodle after the upgrade will see an interactive pop-up tour of the different features.

For a preview, please check out Moodle’s video about the Course Overview block, which we expect to be the most useful Dashboard element. Note how you can choose which courses you want to see links to by filtering by current/future/past, or you can “star” whichever courses you want to keep in view.

Navigation Block

Navigation block
The Navigation Block will contain an improvement where courses are grouped by semester. Note that Moodle bumps semesters with hidden courses toward the bottom, and semesters with visible courses bump toward the top, so if the sort order of the semesters seems off, this is why.

Important Note for Students about Courses in Moodle

  • In the past, students would see links to all their registered courses in Moodle, whether the Moodle sites were visible to students or not.
  • With this upgrade, the functionality has changed such that students will only see links to Moodle sites that are visible to students.
  • If a Moodle site is hidden from students (which they all are until the week before classes), you will not see them listed.
  • This does not mean that you are not registered for the class, it just means the Moodle site is currently hidden.
  • Please check ACData for the most accurate and complete list of your registered courses.

Other New Features to Try

We also encourage you to check out these features that were new to Amherst last year.


Moodle’s “global search”, located in the top menu bar, will look through all courses you have access to. You can search for your courses, activities, and some activity contents like forum posts, glossary entries or wiki pages. Note that it can’t search file contents or video or e-reserves.


The Amherst Moodle has an integration of NameCoach, a service that aims to solve the common problem of name mispronunciation. Here's how faculty can add NameCoach to their Moodle sites. 

Thanks and as always, please contact AskIT with any questions!