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January 2022 Moodle sites will be made visible to students on Monday 12/27/21.

Finding Your January Moodle Site

Once January sites are in Moodle, you will find them by filtering for “Future” courses in your Dashboard. They will move to "In Progress" on Monday, December 27th.

Site Layout

Jan term sites have the usual e-reserve links at the top, and have one section for each weekday of the term. The sites are also set to use the Collapsed Topics format for improved navigation.

If you would prefer a different layout, we are happy to apply a different template to your site (for example if you prefer four weekly sections). We are also happy to import content from a previous course.

Please email and we can:

  • Add a Zoom link to the course and/or schedule the class Zoom meetings
  • Set your site to have four weekly sections instead (or however many)
  • Change the course format (to something besides collapsed topics)
  • Make any other customizations you would like!

Adding or Removing Sections

You can easily add multiple sections to your Moodle site. With editing turned on, just click Add Weeks (or Add Topics) at the bottom of the site.

adding sections

Unfortunately sections can only be removed one at a time. We are happy to help remove sections for you- just email

Zoom for Synchronous Meetings

If you are teaching an online-only course, don't forget to set up Zoom within your Moodle site. You can also email and we can assist.

Strategies for Streamlining 

Due to the compressed nature of January Term, faculty may wish to consider the following tools which can help you streamline your teaching and run your class more efficiently. Email if you would like to schedule a consultation on any of these!

For more online teaching strategies, please refer to Resources and Strategies for Teaching & Learning During COVID-19.

Alternate Course Formats

January 2022 courses are set to use the Collapsed Topics format which many Amherst faculty have found to make their Moodle sites more navigable (with less scrolling!). You are always welcome to select a different format- info on course format options and how to change it is here. 

Tips for Sites Using a Weekly Format: Organizing Items Within a Section

You may want to have different resources or activities for different days, within a single weekly section. An easy way to set this up is to add “Labels” which are floating text areas that can contain a heading for a day or topic. Since you can insert media into any Moodle text area, they could display images or videos as well.

Text added to the topic summary will always be stuck at the top of the section, whereas a label can appear anywhere. So you can have text, and then a forum, and then more text, and then a file. To add a label, click the Add an activity or resource menu and select Label:
add a label

Within the label you can set text to use a Heading style to make it stand out.  Example weekly course section with Labels to create structure:
course with labels

Thanks and please contact if you have any other questions or would like help building your January Moodle site!