Wireless Classroom Projection Using Apple TV


Most technology-equipped classrooms now have Apple TVs. Learn how to wirelessly project from your computer or mobile device in classrooms equipped with Apple TV.


Note: For Apple TV to work with a laptop, the laptop must have iTunes software version 10.x or higher installed.

For all devices/laptops

  1. Make sure both the Apple TV device AND the projector or monitor in the classroom are on. You may need to go to the equipment rack to turn these on.
  2. iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) - go to Settings then WiFi.
    Macintosh laptop - go to System Prefrences then Network.
    Windows laptop - go to Control Panel then Network.
  3. For the WiFi network, choose ClassroomTV.
  4. Once you've established a Classroom TV WiFi connection, it will be saved with your other WiFi connections, such as Amherst Secure, home, etc. To switch between WiFi connection types, repeat the steps described above and choose the connection you want, such as Amherst Secure or Classroom TV, etc.

Mirroring a Display

Once you connect to the ClassroomTV WiFi network, you can follow the instructions from Apple to mirror or extend your display, depending on the device:

Please contact us at AskIT@amherst.edu, if you need any assistance.

Mirroring Windows Laptops

If you are taking a course that requires mirroring from a Windows laptop, the instructor will provide information on how to download software that will allow you to mirror your computer's display. You will still need to connect to the ClassroomTV network before you can mirror your display. You may contact us at AskIT@amherst.edu, if you need any assistance.



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