• As of Fall 2022, most classrooms on campus are now equipped with Mersive Solstice Pod devices. See a list of rooms with Solstice Pods here.
  • Mersive Solstice Pods allow instructors and students to wirelessly project a laptop or mobile device, making it easy to quickly share work and content with the entire class.
  • In rooms with multiple monitors, students can wirelessly project to their team’s display.
  • Multiple users can project to a single display; for example, to compare work.
  • Full documentation from Mersive is available here.

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Getting Started

1. Download the Mersive Solstice app for your Mac, PC, Android, or iOS device from https://www.mersive.com/download/

2. Make sure your device is connected to the Eduroam wireless network.

3. Turn on the classroom projector and select “Mersive Solstice” on the control panel. In some rooms it may still be labeled “Apple TV” (to be updated soon!). You will see the initial screen for the Solstice:
mersive solstice screen

4. You can follow the instructions on the screen, or see below.

Connecting to the Mersive Solstice Pod

1. Open the Mersive Solstice app on your device.

2. You will see a list of rooms- you can browse the list, or search by room number. Click the room you are in.
list of rooms

3. A code will display on the projector screen- enter it on your device.
room code

Sharing Content to the Projector

In the Mersive app on your device, select what you want to share. You can share your whole screen, or a specific app window.

share content

Mac users: the first time you share your screen, you may need to change your Security settings in the System Preferences to allow Mersive to screen record. This is fine to do, please follow the steps here.

More info about sharing content is available here.

Sharing Content from iOS Devices

One additional step is required when sharing from an iOS device. Once connected to the Solstice, you will be prompted to enable screen mirroring (aka Airplay) on your device. You’ll also be prompted to enter the room code again.
ios screen sharing

Enable Desktop Audio Streaming on a Mac

  • It can be a little tricky to get the audio from a Mac laptop to come through the Solstice. If you don’t care about sharing audio from your computer you can skip this section. iOS devices should not have this issue.
  • Please try following the instructions on this page to get it working.
  • If it still isn’t working, try this instead:
    • Follow the instructions above to Connect to the Solstice, but do not Share any content from the Solstice app.
    • Once connected, look for your Mac screen mirroring settings. You will see the Solstice listed. Select it and you will be prompted for the room code.
      airplay mac

Managing Multiple Users

If multiple people are connected to the Solstice, in the app on your device you can go into the Layout tab to arrange the screens, as well as hide and show them.
multiple screens

As always, email askIT@amherst.edu if you need help with any of the above!