Transferring Files to the College Unix Computers

There are a number of ways to transfer files to the College Unix computers, Romulus and Remus and R, as well as the computer Cluster.

Mounting or mapping a network disk share allows you to transfer files simply by copying them. Learn more about that approach here.  

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) has long been the standard method for transferring files across the Internet. FTP is still routinely used to download files from public servers, but its vulnerability to untrusted sniffing led to the development of better protocols for private file transfer, namely SFTP (Secure FTP) and SCP (Secure CoPy).

FTP cannot be used to access the College's Unix computers. There are a number of secure file transfer programs available; Amherst IT recommends the following:

  • Windows: Use WinSCP or PuTTY, available from Winsoft.
  • Macintosh: Use Fetch, available from Macsoft, or the standard program Terminal with one of the shell programs sftp or scp.
  • Dreamweaver: Use its built-in SFTP to easily upload web page changes.
Note that if you are using a computer that is ever taken off-campus, you will need to provide this software with the full domain name of the Unix computer you want to use, e.g. .