All members of the college community, including students, faculty, and staff, are given 500 MB of Unix storage space, which includes your W: drive and your home directory on Romulus/Remus. You will receive an automated warning email as you approach the limit. Instructions on checking your current Unix usage can be found below.

Checking Your Unix/ W: Drive Usage in Windows and Mac

  1. In your W: drive, click the Edit menu and choose Select All.
  2. For Windows, right click on any of the highlighted files and select Properties. Your usage will show up under Size.
  3. For Mac OS, right click on any of the highlighted files and select Get Info.
  4. To find out the usage for your entire Unix account, follow the steps above after following the instructions to map your Unix share.

Emptying Your W: Drive Recycle Bin

Deleting items from your W: drive can be tricky, since they aren't really deleted the first time around, but rather sent to a Recycle Bin in Unix. Follow the instructions below to clean up your W: drive space for good.

  1. After deleting something from your W: drive, go to your W: drive's Recycle Bin folder.
  2. Simply delete anything that has been placed in this folder to erase it for good.

Note for Windows Users only: You may have another Recycle Bin folder in your Unix home directory. Anything you delete from Unix directories other than your W: drive will be placed here. Deleting the contents of this folder will permanently delete those files. This does not apply to Mac or users who don't map their Unix home directory through Windows.

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