Use Gartner Research


How to use Gartner Research using Amherst Credentials.


  1. Click Here to log in to via Amherst College portal.

  2. Log in with your Amherst credentials. You can only log in using the Amherst College portal link above, not via the home page. Note: If you are already logged into the Amherst website or other Amherst network resource and click our Gartner Research portal link, you may get logged into Gartner Research automatically. You can tell if you are logged in if you see a greeting with your name (e.g., Hi, Yourfirstname) in the top center of the home page in your browser.
  3. Search for topics you're interested in.
  4. Use Alerts if you want to be notified when there is new research on specific topcis of interest to you.
  5. When you're finished, make sure to log out. Once logged out, to log back in you must use the portal link provided above. You cannot log back in from the home page.
  6. To make it easy to log back in to

    Bookmark or make a favorite of this webpage in your browser to easily get back to the portal link. If you're not sure how to bookmark or favorite a website address, use your browser Help feature. Note: Once you log in, because of the website security set-up, you cannot bookmark anything on Use the Alerts feature and options with to keep track of content you follow.


    Make a desktop shortcut of a link to this webpage. To make a desktop shortcut, hover the cursor over the symbol (found just to the right of the back or forward arrow) in the browser web address bar area. Depending on your browser the symbol may be the letter A, a globe, a padlock or other. Drag the symbol out to your desktop to create a shortcut to this webpage.

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