Use the Tenured Faculty Course Evaluation System


Students begin tenured faculty course evaluations one week before the last day of classes.

Two week before that, tenured faculty are able to select the type of evaluation they wish to offer their classes. If you take no action, your courses will automatically use the default evaluation method (i.e., the CEP-default form; see below). You can opt to modify the CEP-default form, use a copy of a webform that you created elsewhere on the Amherst website, or specify an alternate method. In the last case, you will simply publish instructions telling the students about the alternative evaluation method.

Once all your grades are submitted for the semester and the Registrar has certified the grades (usually within a few days of the grades deadline) you will be able to view the course evaluations. These should be completely anonymous so you want to instruct your students to avoid including any personally-identifiable information. Besides a limited number of website administrators, no one but the senior faculty member will ever have access to these evaluations.

Academic department coordinators (ADCs) are able to set up course evaluations in this system for senior faculty teaching in subject areas that the ADC supervises. If a faculty member in the ADCs department teaches a course in another subject area (an FYSE, for example, then the ADC is not able to set up that course evaluation for the faculty member.



Set up your course evaluations

If you take no action, students in your courses will use the CEP-default evaluation form.

To review your evaluation options, go to the Course Evaluations page during the two-week period before student evaluations begin. (You will be notified by email when the system goes live for the current semester.) You'll see a list of your current courses. For each course, you select from three options.

  • CEP-default form. Use the CEP-default evaluation form (default). No need to build an evaluation form yourself. The default form poses the following three questions:
    • What specific aspects of this course have contributed the most to your learning?
    • In what specific ways have I, as a teacher, contributed to your learning?
    • What specific suggestions do you have for changes that I can make to improve the course or my teaching?
  • Custom Form. Use another evaluation form by either modifying the CEP-default form or by copying another webform on the Amherst website that you own. NOTE: Selecting this option requires knowledge of and experience with creating forms on the college website. We strongly recommend only very experienced users select this option. If you need assistance, please contact the IT Helpdesk by email at or by phone at x2526.
  • Alternate Method. Specify an alternative to this system. You'll be prompted to enter a message that informs the students how you will handle evaluations for the course.

Access your course evaluations

Your evaluations will be available after the following three conditions are met:

  • The grading deadline for the semester has passed
  • All of you grades are in
  • The Registrar has completed the grade certification process (normally a few days after the grading deadline

You review your evaluations on the Course Evaluations page. If you chose an Alternative Method, you can't review your evaluations in this system.

Evaluations will be available to you and only you in perpetuity.


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