Update Preferred Name


To update how your name is displayed in various campus systems, you should update your preferred name settings in Workday. This can be done easily through Workday. Typically changes are applied within 24 hours of the change being submitted.


  1. Log into Workday (https://workday.amherst.edu)
  2. Click on the person icon in the top right corner and select View Profile
    Access Profile button
  3. From the purple, left navigation bar, select Personal
    Access personal menu
  4. Select Names tab
    Select names from menu
  5. Under Preferred Name click the Edit button
    Select edit for preferred name
  6. Uncheck the box next to Use Legal Name as Preferred Name
    Unselect legal name option
  7. Update your preferred name information
    Edit preferred name fields
  8. Click Submit

Additional Information

Additional Information: 

If you had a legal name change and would like for your email address with Amherst College changed, you will need to make a ticket with Amherst IT at askit@amherst.edu. After the change is made, both old and new emails will still show in the Google Directory Search Dropdown, so that any email sent to the original email address still ends up at the new location.

Service Categories

Service Categories: 
Accounts and Passwords
Amherst ID/OneCard


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