Examples of WebNow Security Warnings


When you first access WebNow you are likely to encounter a blizzard of security warnings--well, a flurry at least. 

Though WebNow is Java-based, it is not a security threat to your computer because it is housed on a College server. You can safely ignore security warnings that normally you should take very seriously.

Below are some of the notifications and warnings you may receive when accessing WebNow, along with an explanation of how to handle them. In some cases, you may get the option to have your browser "remember" your choice. Doing so will prevent the same security warning from coming up in the future.




This plugin is vulnerable and should be updated.

Examples of WebNow Security Warnings

This may be true, but the College's installation of WebNow will not harm your computer. Click Activate Java Platform SE 7 U.

Security Exception

Examples of WebNow Security Warnings

Complete with an exclamation point in a red stop sign, you'd normally be crazy to ignore this warning. Again, our server is secure. Click Ignore.

Do you want to continue?

Examples of WebNow Security Warnings

You can trust this connection; press Continue.

Do You Want to Run This Application?

Examples of WebNow Security Warnings

Click the "I accept the risk.." box, then click Run.


Error: Click for details

screen image of Error check for details window

Finally, an error message you can't get past. Don't bother clicking for details, it won't help. If you see the above message in your browser window, you need to Configure Java to Access WebNow. No exceptions here. 

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