View Advisee Information using Webnow


The Office of Student Affairs uses WebNow to provide access to new student's Application, Essay, and Transcript from ACDATA.



For best results, use Firefox when accessing ACDATA and WebNow.

Note that WebNow is Java based, so it is not accessible from an iPad or other iOS device.

Before you access WebNow for the first time on a particular computer, you must Configure Java to Access WebNow. The instructions below assume that you have configured Java correctly.

Accessing WebNow

  1. Log into ACDATA ( and choose the Faculty menu.
  2. From the My Advisees section, click the Advising link.
  3. From the Actions menu next to the student you're working with, select Portfolio.
  4. From the Portfolio screen, please choose "View Application, Essay and Transcript (WebNow)."
  5. At this point, you may encounter a series of security prompts and warnings; the exact ones you see will depend upon whether you're using a PC or a Mac and on your browser and Java security settings. Regardless of the prompts, always elect to Activate Java, Allow certificate or security exceptions, Ignore warnings, and Run applications until you get to the WebNow login screen. If you never get to the WebNow login screen, check your Java configuration.
    For help dealing with the various security warnings, you can Ask IT at 413 542-2526 (phone),, (web), or (email).
  6.  Note that WebNow opens in a new tab in your browser, so your ACDATA session remains active.  Please log into Webnow with your Amherst username and password and you will be presented with the documents for your advisee. View Advisee Information using Webnow
  7. Double click on a document to open and review. View Advisee Information using Webnow

Once you're reviewed documents for one advisee, don't close the WebNow tab because this will log you out of WebNow, requiring another login when you access the documents of another advisee.  If you are working with several advisees, click on your ACDATA/Portfolio tab and select the portfolio of another advisee. The portfolio for each advisee will appear in a separate tab in your browser.

Working with the WebNow Viewer

Default Image Size

WebNow launches a document viewer when you double-click on a document. By default, it displays the document in "Fit window" setting, in which it fits the complete first page of the document on your screen. This can make for some pretty small type, which you can adjust by pressing the Zoom in and Zoom out buttons on the WebNow Viewer toolbar. Unfortunately, the viewer does not remember your zoom preferences from document to document.

To make your documents open at a larger default type size, you can use the "Fit width" setting. You can see what this setting does by clicking the Fit width button on the toolbar. 

screen image of the WebNow viewer toolbar

If you prefer the Fit width setting, you can make it your default by going to the File menu of the viewer and selecting Options. On the View Options window, select Fit width from the Default size drop down. Click OK to confirm your selection. At this point, the Viewer Options window should close, but in defiance of all known inferface conventions it does not. To close the Window and preserve your settings choices, use the red X control. Don't hit the Cancel button.

Moving Between Documents

The WebNow Viewer provides navigation buttons in the bottom left that let you move easily withing and among the many documents of a single advisee. Thus, by using the  button you are able to view all the documents of a single advisee without having to open each document individually.

  Screen image of webnow viewer navigation buttons

Saving and Printing Documents

Note: WebNow lets you access documents that are protected by FERPA. If you elect to download copies of these documents to your computer and/or print them, you assume responsibility for keeping them secure. We strongly recommend that you don't store downloaded documents on your computer but rather on your U: drive. Also, we urge you to shred printed documents as soon as the advising process is over.

If you have a Macintosh computer, you can't print or save WebNow documents. All you can do is export the documents to TIFF files, where each page of a document is exported in its own TIFF file. This is so unwieldy as to be worthless.

Windows users have it a bit easier because they can print WebNow documents. If you have a PDF printer installed, you can also use the WebNow print fuction to save the documents as PDF files. When you print from WebNow, you'll first see the Print Options screen. Simply click OK to proceed.

Webnow Priint Options

Macintosh users should contact Ask IT for help getting their advisees' documents into PDF format. Windows users who want to save PDF copies of their advisees' documents should contact Ask IT for help getting a PDF printer installed.



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