Set up Amherst email on a Kindle Fire Mobile Device


How to setup email on your Kindle.


  1. From the home screen, tap Apps, then Email.
  2. If you haven’t created an email account on your Kindle before, on the Add Account page, tap Exchange e-mail, contacts, calendar.
    If you already have one or more email accounts on your Kindle Fire, tap the menu icon.
    Then tap Settings > Add Account > Exchange e-mail, contacts, calendar.
  3. On the Add Exchange Account page for Name type your full name. For E-mail address, type your full email address ( For Password, type your Amherst password.
  4. Tap Next.
  5. On the Exchange Server Settingsscreen, fill out the information as below as prompted:
    • Exchange server:
    • Domain: AMHERST
    • Username: your_amherst_username
    • Password: your_amherst_password
    • Under Security settings, make sure Use secure connection (SSL) is selected. Select Accept all SSL certificates.
  6. Click Next.
  7. You may see the Remote security administration warning. Please note that Amherst College has not enabled any remote security administration policies other than requiring use of the Amherst password. Read the security warning and if acceptable to you then tap OK. If not acceptable to you, cancel the set up and instead set up your Amherst email as an imap account. With the imap account set up, some Exchange features and calendar options will not be available to you.
  8. Under Synchronization options page, use the Contacts and Calendar checkboxes to specify whether or not you want to synchronize your contacts and calendar items to your device. Tap Save.

Additional Information

Additional Information: 

Please note:

Amherst email, contacts and calendars should NOT be backed up to iCloud or any cloud services. This information is already backed up at Amherst and it is a security/privacy risk to back up to cloud services. Any questions about this, please contact the IT Help Desk.

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