Set Up a Shared Outlook Calendar


You may want to set up a shared Outlook calendar, for example to manage department-scheduled room reservations or to keep track of a particular's group's schedule.



Create a Shared Calendar

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. On the keyboard hit the Ctrl key and the number 6 key at the same time to switch the left menu to “Folder List” view.
  3. In the left menu you should now have the option Calendar in the list of folders, it will have a calendar icon rather than a folder icon.
  4. Right click on Calendar in the left menu in the list of folders.
  5. Select New Calendar.
  6. Give the calendar a name such as “Alumni Room Pratt Field” or whatever you prefer and click OK.
  7. The new calendar will appear now in the left menu in the list of folders nested under Calendar.
  8. Right click on the new calendar and select the option Share and then Share Calendar.
  9. Enter your list of people that should also have access to the calendar in the To: field.
  10. Important: Make sure to check the box just under Subject: for “Recipient can add, edit and delete items in this calendar”
  11. You can add a note in the message area if you want to give instructions or information about booking the room.
  12. Click the Send button when you’ve entered all the people who should have access to the calendar.
  13. If you wish hit Ctrl + 6 again to return your left menu to normal view rather than Folder List view.
  14. You can then access the new calendar by clicking the Calendar option in the bottom left corner and you will find the new calendar in your list of calendars under the heading “My Calendars”.

Accept a Shared Calendar

  1. When you receive a calendar sharing invitation in your email inbox, open the email message. 
  2. Click the Open calendar button found in the upper right corner of the menu area of the message window.
  3. Once you open the calendar, you can then find the calendar in Outlook by clicking the Calendar option in the lower left corner. The calendar will appear in the list under the heading Shared Calendars.

Note: This process may not work correctly from an iPhone or other smart phone or mobile device. It is best to open the shared calendar email message using Outlook on a computer, whether Windows or Mac.


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