Students and faculty have the ability to transfer their email and Google Drive contents from their Amherst GMail accounts to another GMail account at any time up until their email is turned off several months after graduation. Staff who wish to use this function must contact AskIT.

You can only transfer account contents to another GMail account, so before you begin you must have established a personal GMail account. Also, don't try this from a phone--use a computer.


  1. To ensure that GMail knows which accounts you are working with, sign out of all GMail accounts on the computer you are using.
  2. Next, in your primary browser, sign in to your Amherst Gmail account.
  3. In another browser, or in an incognito or private browsing window of your primary browser, sign in to your personal GMail account.
  4. In your Amherst GMail account, click on your initial in the upper-right and then click Manage your Google Account.
    image of step 1 - manage your account
  5. In the Transfer your content section, click Start transfer.
    image of step 2 - start transfer

  6. Enter the address of the GMail account where you'll be sending your mail and Drive files and then click Send Code.
    image of step 3 - send code

  7. Move to the browser window that is open to your personal GMail account and open the Verify your account message you just received. Click the Get confirmation code button.
    image of step 4 - verify account

  8. Note or copy the code that appears.
    image of step 5 - copy code

  9. Move back to the window showing your Amherst GMail and enter or paste the code into the Enter code field and click the Verify button.
    image of step 6 - paste code

  10. You'll now see a summary screen showing the source and destination accounts and letting you specify whether you want to tranfer Drive contents, mail contents, or both. Make your choice and click Start Transfer.
    image of step 7 - start transfer

The transfer will now take place in the background, and could take from several minutes to several days, depending upon factors such as the size of your mailbox and the load on Google's servers. 


Additional Information

Additional Information: 
How to transfer Contacts from one GMail account to another

From the page below, under the Import contacts heading, click From a GMail account and follow the instructions.


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