Troubleshoot Cable TV Problems


If you're having trouble with Amherst cable TV, please see the troubleshooting tips below which may help to resolve the problem. 



No Cable TV Jack in Room

  • The Greenway dorms and Seligman don't have standard Cable TV jacks. Instead, you need to get a special adapter from IT. Please fill out the following form:

    Greenway/Seligman Cable TV Request Form

Missing Channels

Rain Fade

  • “Rain fade” is experienced when a large amount of rain obstructs the signal between the dish and the satellite 22,000 miles above the earth. The rain drops block or reflect the satellite signal. When the bits of blocked information hits a threshold, the reception will tile. This generally occurs during heavy rains only and will recover quickly.
  • To our knowledge, rain fade has occurred significantly only once since our satellite-based campus TV was instaled in 2008. 

All Snow- No Picture

  • Verify fittings from wallplate to TV set are connected
  • Check DVD player and TV set are plugged into AC outlet
  • Bypass DVD player, go directly to TV w/input cable
  • Verify that your TV has been programmed

Snowy Picture

  • Verify fittings from wallplate to TV are finger tight
  • Verify that DVD player is not unplugged
  • Verify TV/DVD player are on proper channels

Black Screen With or Without Sound

  • Check if video AUX Switch is improperly set
  • Check if video game is left on
  • Check off air (local channels) to see if any picture

Rolling Bands

  • Check other channels affected
  • Check vertical or horizontal hold (older TV sets only)

Interfering Lines

  • Check for loose fittings from wallplate to TV set
  • Check other channels affected
  • Bypass DVD player, go directly to TV w/input cable

Additional Information

Additional Information: 

For additional information or to place a service request, please go to the Campus Televideo Amherst College Service Request webpage (external link to Logging your requests here will allow problems to be tracked and monitored by our service provider who will also route the requests to Amherst College IT. Alternately contact the IT Help Desk to report a problem or get more information.

Service Categories

Service Categories: 
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