Use Meet-Me Teleconferencing


How to use Audio Conference service. 



Audio conference calls have become an attractive alternative to travel-based meetings, thanks to our conferencing provider's very affordable rate of just seven cents per minute per participant.  A 30-minute call involving four participants located anywhere in the country costs less than $9.

Using the service is easy and enrolling is even easier.  Just contact us.  We will send you a toll-free number, a moderator PIN code for yourself, and a participant PIN code to share with your participants.  PIN codes are re-usable any time you want to have a conference call.  Using the service is as easy as:

  1. Schedule the call in advance by sharing the date and time of the call, the toll-free number, and the participant PIN code with your participants.
  2. Before the scheduled time, you dial the toll-free number and enter your moderator PIN code to set up the call.
  3. Participants then "meet you" by dialing the toll-free number and entering their participant PIN code.

Charges for conferencing services are billed through the monthly phone bill that your department receives from the College.

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Service Categories: 
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