Put a podcast on iOS devices using iTunes

How to set up a podcast on an iPod, iPhone, or iPad using iTunes.

  1. Download the latest iTunes installer and run it to install iTunes.
    Note: although Apple asks, you do not have to give them your email address to download iTunes.
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. In an internet browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome), go to the page where your podcast is published. If you are subscribing to an Amherst College course podcast, this should be linked off your course homepage.
  4. Drag the Podcast button from the podcast page into the “Podcasts” folder of your iTunes.
  5. In your iTunes Podcasts folder, you’ll see a small triangular list expansion button to the left of your podcast. Click on the list expansion button to see all the episodes of your podcast. By default iTunes only downloads the latest entry in a podcast. If you want them all (which you do for a course podcast), at the top of the list click the Get All button. It may take a few minutes for all the files to download.
  6. Connect your device to your computer using the USB cable that came with it. Newer iPhones and iPads will allow wireless syncing and do not require the use of the USB cable. If you are using an Amherst College IT loaner iPod, you may warned that the device is already synced with another library. In that case, click Yes, Erase and Sync. If you are prompted to update the iOS software, click Yes, Download and Install. After all this, your iTunes will have synced with your device.
  7. If you plugged in your device using a USB cable, notice the warning on your iOS device: “Do not disconnect.” If iTunes is still open:, then you should see your device listed in the Source menu on the left edge of iTunes. Click the Eject icon to the right of where your device is listed. Otherwise, on PC you can go to Start->Computer, locate the device, right-click, and click Eject. On Mac you can command-click the device icon on the desktop and click Eject.
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