Recommended apps for PDFs and Microsoft Office files


These are the recommended Apps for iOS devices for working with PDFs and Microsoft Office files.


  • GoodReader - For reading and annotating PDF documents. GoodReader will also open and allow you to read Word files, text files, RTF files, and html/htm files.
    If you have a college-owned iOS device, it may come with GoodReader loaded on it. If not, you can obtain GoodReader through the App Store on your device. There is a charge for GoodReader, it is not free.
    GoodReader will connect to any WebDav enabled network storage, including Amherst WebDav enabled drives and, and has options for connecting to and Google Docs. Most Amherst U: drives or Userfiles network shares are WebDav enabled except those located behind the firewall for security reasons as such as those for financial, studnet affairs and health services staff.

  • Pages (Word), Numbers (Excel), and Slides (PowerPoint) or Office² HD -  For reading and limited updating/simple edits of Microsoft Office files.
    Please note: For complicated functions such as pivot tables, creating reports from Excel spreadsheets, graphing, formatting large documents, using track changes on complex documents, mail merge, indexing, complicated footnotes, etc. do not use an app version of Office.
    Pages and Office² HD will connect to any WedDav enabled network storage, including Amherst WebDav enabled drives and Office² HD also offers options for connecting to and Google Docs. Pages, Numbers and Slides require WebDav enabled network storage so currently will not connect to and Google Docs.

  • Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite) and QuickOffice/QuickOffice Pro HD - Also for Microsoft Office files but these apps do not work with WebDav so you will not be able to access Amherst or other WebDav enabled network storage such as directly.
    You may have to experiment and use different apps and file storage options for different things. If you like Documents Free (Mobile Office Suite) or QuickOffice, you can use those with and Google Docs but not Amherst network drives. If you like Pages, Numbers, and Slides, you can use those with any WebDav enabled drive but not with or Google Docs. Office² HD offers the most options with the ability to connect to WebDav enabled storage such as Amherst and, as well as and Google Docs.

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