Set up an iOS device


How to set up an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad




  1. Turn on the device. If it displays a picture of plugging the device into a computer, then to activate it you must connect it to a computer that has iTunes software on it AND also has access to the Internet. Otherwise, continue to Step 2. 
  2. If your device does not have 3G/4G data service, then you will have to use WiFi.
    Go to Settings > WiFi. Otherwise, skip to Step 6.
  3. If you are on campus, you must Network Register the device. Follow our instructions to network register a device without a web browser.
  4. Once you’ve network registered, or you are off-campus, set the slider to the right of WiFi to On.
  5. Set the slider to the right of Ask to Join Networks to On.
  6. Under the heading Choose a Network... select the wireless network you want to use. If one is already selected it will have a checkmark to the left of the network name.
  7. Follow any device instructions to complete the activation. You will need an iTunes account if you want to get applications (Apps) for the device.
  8. Lastly, see our instructions for setting a passcode for an iOS device.

Additional Information

Additional Information: 

You do not need an iTunes account to activate iOS devices but an iTunes account is needed to download applications (Apps) and to sync or backup your device. If you do not have an iTunes account you must create one if you want to download Apps. Your iTunes account will have its own user name and password. This is separate from and not related to your Amherst College network user name and password.

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