Use GoodReader on an iPad


How to read and annotate PDF files on an iPad using GoodReader.



GoodReader is an iDevice app for reading and annotating PDF files. Because GoodReader supports the iOS Data Security functionality you can encrypt any files you download that may be sensitive in nature. If you want to read and mark-up your course eReserves you can browse directly to the files and download them. It’s also easy to download PDF files from your computer, your Amherst College personal network drive, and cloud services such as,, iCloud, and others. iCloud is designed to allow you to store and sync files between all your iDevices.

GoodReader can view other files types including TXT, HTML, and Microsoft Office formats. You can organize your files in folders. You can email individual files or zip together multiple files. Yyou can open files in other apps that support Document Interchange. If you have the Pages app on your iPad, for example, you can download a Word file using GoodReader and then open it in Pages to make changes. You can configure popular mail services like Gmail or IMAP or POP to browse mail messages that contain attachments and save them.

We provide detailed information on features that we know will be useful for students and employees. For more information we suggest that you refer to the excellent GoodReader online documentation. The topics are easily navigable and you may find additional features that you will wish to use.

Using GoodReader for electronic reserve PDF files

Open GoodReader on your iPad. The left pane of the screen, MyDocuments, is used for browsing files and the right pane for performing actions on files. Tap on the > for Web Downloads to open its menu. When you tap on Browse the Web, the Safari web browser will open. As you browse to find a file you will either Follow the Link of Download Linked File.

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