Access Network Shares iOS Devices


How to access network storage shares using an iOS device.



In order to access files on network storage shares with an iOS device, you must use an app that supports WebDav access. An app we recommend for this purpose is GoodReader.

Please note:
Not all Amherst network storage shares or folders allow WebDav access. Some network shares are behind the Administrative firewall and some other network shares or folders are purposefully not WebDav enabled for security reasons. If you enter your Amherst user name and password correctly and nothing happens or you get an error message other than incorrect password, then the network storage drive you are trying to access does not allow WebDav access. In that case, you will not be able to use your iOS device to access that drive.

To access files, use the open document option for the specific app, and enter the WebDav information and your Amherst password as below:

  • name/share name
  • U: drive: Amherst user name
    Example for fictional Amherst staff person Mammoth Amherst:
  • Example for fictional Amherst Biology class storage area on Storage:

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