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Access Network Storage Shares Mac


How to access your userfiles (a.k.a. U: drive), department network storage shares, project network shares on Storage, and other network shares from a Mac computer.



Note: Off-campus computers must first connect via VPN in order to access network drives. Users may not connect to the Macsoft software drive from off-campus due to licensing restrictions.

Manually Connecting

  1. From the Finder menu, select Go then Connect To Server.

    • On-campus:
      Enter just a server name such as "userfiles", "software", "storage" or "scans" (see table below for names) and click Connect.
    • Off-campus:
      First connect to Amherst VPN.
      Then, enter the full server address such as "smb://" or "smb://" (see table below for a list of the commonly used server addresses) and click Connect.
  2. When prompted, log in with your Amherst user name in the Name: field and password in the Password: field.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. Select the volume you wish to access from the list of volumes available (e.g., software, your own user name for userfiles, the name of your department network share or name of the project Storage share, etc. as applicable).
  5. Click OK.
  6. A list of folders will appear. Locate the folder you want and double-click to open it.

Server Names & Addresses

The table lists the names and addresses of servers and volumes accessible to Amherst users. Not all users have access to all servers or volumes. Some servers are not available from off-campus.

Server Name Server Address More Information
software - Macsoft access to Macsoft on-campus only How to access Macsoft - more details
userfiles; student userfiles afp:// userfiles quotas
fs001 Department shares a.k.a. I: Drive and other volumes  
unix-mac Unix Home Directory; Legacy Webserver Using Unix/Linux Network Space - detailed instructions  

or if afp:// does not work try

scratch afp://


scans afp://

Access scanned files from network printer/copier/scanner

Service Categories

Service Categories: 
Network Storage