How to access your userfiles (a.k.a. U: drive), department network storage shares, project network shares on Storage, and other network shares from a Mac computer.



How to Connect to a Share

You will need to know the name of the network file server to which you would like to connect (see the table below for a list of the commonly used network file server addresses). Please contact us at if you do not know the name of the share you are trying to access.

  1. Off-campus computers must first connect via VPN in order to access network drives. Users may not connect to the Macsoft software drive from off-campus due to licensing restrictions.
  2. In the Finder, menu Go > Connect to Server.
  3. Type the full server address, followed by the name of the share you want to access. Note that share names are case-sensitive. For example:


    If you have previously accessed this server and have saved your password but now want to use a different account, you’ll need to specify that account before the server address followed by the three-character sequence :*@ . For example:


  4. Click the button Connect.
  5. If you didn’t previously save your password, the dialog Enter your name and password should appear. Fill in the field Name: and the field Password: with the appropriate information.
  6. Click the button Connect.
  7. A window with the network share folders should now appear.

File Server Names & Addresses

The table lists the names and addresses of network file servers and volumes accessible to Amherst users. Not all users have access to all servers or volumes. Some servers are not available from off-campus, even when using VPN.

Server Name; purpose Server Address More Information
software; winsoft and macsoft share for software distribution smb:// How to access Macsoft - more details
userfiles; personal storage shares for students, faculty, and non-administrative staff; department shares for academic departments smb:// userfiles quotas
fs001; department shares for some administrative departments such as Student Affairs, Health Center, Counseling Center, Dean of Faculty, and President's Office; personal shares for staff from these administrative departments smb:// Department shares a.k.a. I: Drive and other volumes
fs002; department shares for financial departments such as Controller's Office; personal shares for staff from these departments smb:// Department shares a.k.a. I: drive and other volumes, personal shares
fs005; department shares for academic departments and some administrative departments; personal shares for staff and faculty from these departments smb:// Department shares a.k.a. I: drive and other volumes, personal shares
unix-mac; unix user directory on romulus and remus smb:// Using Unix/Linux Network Space - detailed instructions  
storage; project shares for individuals and collaborative teams


personal and group project shares
scratch; public file sharing smb://

public file transfer share; contents wiped after 24 hours

scans; shares for network scanning smb://

Access scanned files from network printer/copier/scanner

Service Categories

Service Categories: 
Network Storage