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Map Network Storage Share to a Drive Letter in Windows


How to map a network share to a drive letter on a Windows computer.



Unsure of the network path? Check for common server names on the accessing network storage shares page.

Windows 7

  1. Click the Windows Start button, lower left corner of the screen.
  2. Next, right-click on Computer and from the list of options select Map network drive.
  3. The Map Network Drive window appears. From the Drive drop-down menu, select an available, unassigned letter.
  4. Next, enter the network path of the share you want to map. Remember the network path consists of the server name, followed by the share name, in the following form:
    Alternately, you may browse to the correct folder. To browse to a folder enter the share name then click Browse...
    Example, if the folder is on FS001, enter \\fs001\ as the share name then click Browse...
  5. If you are mapping this drive on a computer that stays on campus, make sure "Reconnect at logon" is checked. If this drive will be accessed from off-campus using VPN, make sure "Reconnect at logon" is unchecked.
  6. If prompted, in the user name field, enter amherst\ followed by your Amherst username.
    Enter your Amherst password in the Password field, and click OK.
  7. Last click Finish.

VPN users:

Once you've mapped a drive you should create a shortcut to it. Right-click on the drive icon in Computer and select Create Shortcut. Put the shortcut on your Desktop. Then, to reconnect to the drive during subsequent VPN sessions, simply double-click on the shortcut.

If off-campus, be sure to create a VPN connection to the college network before trying to access a network share.

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