Enrolling and Connecting Ethernet Devices to the Amherst Network


How to connect personally-owned Ethernet (wired) devices to the Amherst network. This information applies to any personally-owned Ethernet device that you want to connect, including computers, game consoles, etc. 

Such devices must be enrolled in Clearpass before they can access the network and Internet.

College-owned computers are bound to the Amherst domain and thus don't need to be enrolled in Clearpass. If your college-owned computer can't connect to Ethernet, contact AskIT.



To enroll an Ethernet device on the Amherst network, you must find the device's MAC address. Common to all networking adapters, both wired and wireless, the MAC address is a string of 12 alphanumeric characters( e.g., 00-A0-34-0B-13-CD) that uniquely identifies the device.

Once you have the MAC address of your Ethernet device, you need to use a computer or other device that has a web browser to go to the Create Device page.

After logging onto the Create Device page you'll have to enter the following information about your device:

Device name: You must include your Amherst username in the device name. So if your username were "amammoth22" you would name your Ethernet-connected computer "amammoth22 Windows 10 PC."

MAC address: Enter the Ethernet MAC address of the device. (Find your MAC Address)

Enable AirGroup: Make sure this box is checked. This will allow you to communicate with the device from other devices you have registered such as your phone or computer. You can also grant access to the device by entering the other person's email address.

Click the Create Device button.

Plug your Ethernet device into an Ethernet jack, then restart it. You may experience a delay of up to half an hour before your Ethernet device can get to the Internet.

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