Network Enrollment FAQs for the Amherst Community

Why do I have to enroll my device(s) such as computers, wireless devices, etc.?

Enrolling your device(s) allows the IT department to associate you with your devices. It ensures that your devices have the proper permissions to access the resources available to you on the Amherst network. 

The College uses a system called Clearpass to enroll networking devices.

What devices need to be enrolled before I can use them on the Amherst network? 

WiFi devices that can't connect to eduroam must use the AmherstGuest WiFi network. Such devices must first be enrolled in Clearpass before they get network connectivity. Examples of such devices are game consoles, smart TVs, and video streaming devices.

Wired (Ethernet) devices that are not owned by the College must be enrolled in Clearpass. These include personally-owned computers as well as game consoles, smart TVs, video streaming devices, etc.

Note that some devices have both wired and a WiFi networking interface. You need to enroll the adapter that you plan to use with the device. If you want the flexibility to use either of the interfaces then you must enroll both in Clearpass.

What devices do not need to be enrolled?

Any computer, phone, or tablet that can connect to the eduroam WiFi network does not need to be enrolled before use. Connecting to eduroam is sufficient to get access to the network.

Any college-owned computer that uses a wired (Ethernet) connection does not need to be enrolled.

Will I have to enroll a device every time I want to use the Internet?

No, you will only have to enroll a device once. 

Does network enrollment reconfigure, install software, or place information on my computer?


I have a laptop with both WiFi and an ethernet port. Will I have to enroll more than once?

Yes, you will have to enroll both your Ethernet (wired) connection and your wireless connection if you plan to use both.

How many devices can I enroll?

There is no limit to the number of devices that you can enroll on the network. 

Do I need to enroll my home computer?

No, only computers physically connected to the Amherst College network need to be enrolled. Computers that connect from off-campus via VPN do not need to enroll in Clearpass.

What do I do if my friend comes to visit and wants to use their computer on the network?

Guests without an Amherst username and password can use the Guest registration form to request network access. Guest registrations are valid for one week. More information is available on the Guest and Visitor FAQ.