NetReg FAQ for Amherst Community

Why do I have to register my device(s) such as computers, wireless devices, etc.?

Registering your device(s) allows the IT department to associate your Amherst username with your devices. That way, if IT suspects that your computer or other device(s) get infected with a virus or need to be isolated from the campus network, you can be contacted in a timely manner.

How do I register my computer or device(s) to use the Amherst Network?

To register to use the Amherst network, go to . You will need to type in your Amherst username and password and select the type of computer or device from the drop-down list.

Are there any requirements for Network Registration (NetReg)?

Your device must be on the Amherst Network. It is not possible to register devices from another location.

In addition, Windows computers must be up-to-date with critical updates and security patches. We recommend that you run Windows Update before registering your computer.

How long will it take to register?

It should take no more than 5 minutes. Once you fill out the registration information, clear your browser cache and restart your device, your registration is complete.

Will I have to register every time I want to use the Internet?

No, you will only have to register once each year, at the beginning of the fall semester.

Do I need to un-register my device(s) if I take it off-campus?

No, it is not necessary to un-register your device(s).

Does Network Registration (NetReg) reconfigure, install software, or place information on my computer?

No, the NetReg system does not change any settings on your devices nor install software. NetReg creates a record in the NetReg database with your Amherst username and network adapter MAC address for each device you register.

Does Network Registration (NetReg) track my activities on the network?


I have a laptop with a wireless card and an ethernet port. Will I have to register more than once?

Yes, you will have to register both your Ethernet (wired) connection and your wireless connection.

What about my game console/Tivo/other device that uses the network?

If you have a device without a web browser that uses the network, please use these directions to provide the necessary information to register your device. 

How many devices can I register?

There is no limit to the number of devices that you can register on the network.

In my office, several people use the same computer. Who should register the computer?

The Network Registration information is used by the IT department to contact the owner of a computer when it is causing a problem on the network. You should decide who in your group would be the best contact person, and have that person register the computer.

I'm a student who works on a computer in a college department, should I register the computer I use for my job?

A computer used by a student employee should be registered by a member of the department by which they are employed.

I registered a device by mistake, what should a do?

The mistaken registration will need to be administratively removed. To do so, Ask IT via phone (413 542-2526), email (, or the web (

Do I need to register my home computer?

No, only computers physically connected to the Amherst College network need to register. Computers that connect from off-campus via VPN do not need to register.

What do I do if my friend comes to visit and wants to use her computer on the network?

Guests without an Amherst username and password can use the Guest registration form to request network access. Guest registrations are valid for one week. More information is available on the Guest and Visitor FAQ.