FAQ Network Registration for Guests/Visitors

Why do I have to register my computer or other devices?

All electronic devices connecting to the Amherst College Ethernet or wireless (Wi-Fi) networks must go through a network registration process. Network registration (NetReg) allows the IT department to associate your contact information with your device(s). Should there be a problem, it will allow us to get in touch with you quickly.

How do I register my device(s) to use the Amherst Network?

If you have previously registered on the Eduroam wireless network at your home institution, you can connect and login to the college's Eduroam wireless network using your home institution email address and password. You don't need to take any further action.

If you are not an Eduroam user you need to first connect to either the wired (Ethernet) network or to the Amherst WiFi network (in this case don't try to connect to either Amherst Secure or Eduroam). Then, open a web browser on your device. You should automatically be taken to the college's NetReg page. If you are not automatically sent to the NetReg page, type https://netreg.amherst.edu in the address field of your browser.

Once you arrive at the NetReg page, follow the instructions for Visitors and Guests.

Are there any requirements for Network Registration (NetReg)?

Your device must be on-campus to register. It is not possible to register from another location.

How long will it take to register my device?

It should take no more than 5 minutes. Once you fill out the registration information, clear the browser cache and restart your device, your registration is complete.

Will I have to register every time I want to use the Internet?

Guest registration is valid for 7 days. After a week, you will need to register again. Special arrangements can be made for guests who will be at Amherst for extended periods by contacting the Help Desk.

Do I need to un-register when I leave Amherst?


Does registering as a visitor have any limitations?

When it comes to an Ethernet (wired) connection, no.

For wireless connections, guests can access anything on the network or the web that requires a web browser. Also, many email clients should work. Apps that use specialized IP ports may not work.

Does Network Registration (NetReg) reconfigure, install software, or place information on my computer?

No. The NetReg system does not change any settings on your device or install software. NetReg simply creates a record in the NetReg database with your e-mail address and network card ID number.

Does Network Registration (NetReg) track my activities on the network?

No. NetReg simply creates an record in a database with your e-mail address and network card ID number. This information will allow the IT department to contact you if your computer is infected with a virus or causing a problem on the campus network.