This document outlines how to set up an Amherst VPN connection on an Android device. Because of variations across manufacturers and Android versions, what you see may not match these instructions exactly.



These instructions were developed for a Samsung Galaxy S III from Verizon that was running Android version 4.2.2.

Note that some implementations of Android will not let you set up a VPN connection unless you use a PIN or a password for screen security. If you instead don't have screen lock enable, or only use a swipe or a pattern for security, you won't be able to set up a VPN connection until you change to a PIN or password.

  1. Open Setup.
  2. Under Wireless and networks, open ...More settings.
  3. Tap VPN, then Basic VPN.
  4. Tap "+" to add a new connection.
  5. Name the VPN connection. For example, you could call it Amherst VPN Student, or Amherst VPN Connect, or Amherst VPN Firewall, based upon which VPN service you plan to connect to.
  6. For Type, select L2TP/IPSec PSK
  7. Enter the server address:
    •, if you are a student
    •, the general VPN service for faculty and staff.
    •, to access resources behind the College's administrative firewall.
  8. Leave L2TP secret and IPSec identifier blank.
  9. For the IPSec pre-shared key, enter amherstvpn.
  10. Press Save.

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