Connect and disconnect VPN on iOS devices

How to connect and disconnect VPN on an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.


To make a VPN connection, go to Settings and tap VPN. Tap the connection you want to use--you can have multiple VPN connections configured on your device--then lide the Off/On toggle to On. Enter your Amherst password when prompted. VPN wil now show connected.

You will also see VPN in small letters in the top left corner of the device screen, this indicates a VPN connection is active.

To disconnect VPN, go to Settings and tap VPN. Slide the Off/On toggle to Off.

Note:  If you use VPN Firewall, you must disconnect VPN when finished using it, in order to then be able to access the Internet or other networks outside of Amherst College. Don't shut down your iOS device with VPN Firewall connected.

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