Set up VPN for iOS devices


How to set up VPN on an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPad.



An Amherst VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection is required to access some Amherst College resources when you are off-campus, for example library subscription databases or to remote access a computer on campus. 

If the files/resources you want to access are behind the college's firewall, then you must use the Amherst VPN Firewall connection.

  1. On your device, first navigate to Settings > General > Network > VPN > add VPN connection.
  2. Choose L2TP tab
  3. For Description, enter Amherst VPN or something that makes sense to you to remember what this is.
  4. For Server, enter the address of the VPN service you are accessing: for students. for general use by faculty and staff for accessing resources behind the administrative firewall
  5. In Account, enter your Amherst email addess, not just your Amherst username.
  6. Leave RSA SecurID off.
  7. Leave Password blank; you'll be prompted when you connect.
  8. In Secret, enter amherstvpn.
  9. De-select Send All Traffic.
  10. Set Proxy Off.
  11. Save.

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