How to connect to the eduroam wireless network with Windows, Mac, or iOS devices.

Note to Amherst College users: If you want to use eduroam at other institutions, you must first connect to eduroam at Amherst.

Note to visitors to Amherst College: If you want to connect to eduroam at Amherst, you must have already connected to it at your home institution.



Connecting to eduroam at Amherst College

Amherst users
  1. From the list of available wireless networks, select eduroam and, when prompted, enter your Amherst username, with "" appended. For most people, this is synonmous with your Amherst email address, but not for all.
    • If you have an email alias, be sure to use your login username with "" appended; not your email address.
    • If you have an Amherst account but use a different domain for email (e.g. a Five College Inc. employee), you must append "" to your username, not ""
  2. Accept any certificate exceptions. You'll now be connected to eduroam and will be set up to connect to it from any other eduroam institution.

Note: If for any reason the above instructions do not work, see below for an alternate method for connecting to eduroam. 

Visitors to Amherst from other participating institutions

Select eduroam from the available wireless networks and log in with your home institution email address and password.

Connecting to other eduroam networks

Once you've connected to eduroam on campus, you can go to any institution that offers eduroam and log in using the same username (usually your Amherst email address) that you used to connect on the Amherst campus.

Alternative method for Amherst College users to connect to eduroam while on campus

  1. Connect to one of the other Amherst wireless networks--Amherst or Amherst Secure.
  2. Go the eduroam website at
  3. Click the eduroam user: download your eduroam installer blue button.
  4. Type Amherst in the search box.
  5. Click to select Amherst College
  6. Select the correct installer for your computer or mobile device.
  7. Save the installation file to your computer.
  8. Once the file downloads, open and run it. Click OK, Yes, Allow, Run, or Accept as applicable.
  9. Enter your Amherst user name and password with user name in the format Note you must enter even if your email address is something else such as

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