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Print to the Large-Format Printer


How to use the Large-Format Printer in Seeley Mudd.



Save your document files to access them from seeley mudd

To print, first copy all needed files to either your Userfiles (U: drive) personal network storage, a USB flash drive or external hard drive so that you can access them at Seeley Mudd.

Make sure to include all needed associated files such as fonts or images. 

Note: For InDesign, make sure you always copy images together with the poster document, keeping them in the same relative position as when you set it up. This is easiest if they have always been within the same folder, but If you can't copy them together as a folder, check the Links palette in InDesign to make sure the document finds the images in the new location (instead of simply displaying low-quality placeholders). InDesign does not automatically embed images into the document, so you must check the images to make sure everything is OK.

at Seeley Mudd get ready to print

Log in to any of the computers with your Amherst account. For best results print using a Windows computer. It is fine if you created your document on a Mac, but to print use a Windows computer. If you encounter any issues due to change in platform, open your Mac-created file on a Mac and save it as a PDF file, then go to a Windows computer and print the PDF file. See our PDF instructions for details about how to do this.

Print your document following the instructions for the software you used to prepare it, either InDesign or PowerPoint, or print as a PDF. Make sure to watch the first few inches of the large-format printer's output of your print job to make sure it’s correct; if not, press the button Cancel on the right-hand side of the printer to stop the print job and revise as needed.

If you cancel the job after the first few inches print, you will be charged for the entire size of the large-format document.

It can take fifteen to thirty minutes or more to print, depending on the document size, complexity and amount of color used.

Make sure to accept the Printing Charge!

To prevent accidental printing of small jobs, there is an extra dialogue window that appears after you submit a job to the large-format printer or the color laser printer. This window will tell you how much your print job will cost and you have to accept the charges.

  1. The extra dialog may take a minute or so to appear, and unfortunately it will disappear about 30 seconds after that, so don't leave the computer until you have completed this step!
  2. You must accept the print charges or your print job gets canceled. Stay at the computer until the Printing Charge dialogue window appears. Click Yes to accept the print charges then OK to let the print job go forward.
  3. If you don't click Yes and OK, the dialogue window will go away and your print job gets canceled.
  4. If you print out a few inches of poster and then cancel you will be charged for the full amount of the entire size of the print job.

Carefully Handle Your printed document

Do not yank or pull paper out of the large-format printer! The printer will wait a few minutes for the ink to dry before cutting your printed document loose. Do not pull the paper or try to shortcut this drying time or the ink will smear and you may damage the printer.

Even after the drying time the ink can smudge, so be careful! If it is raining and you need to take the printed document outside, make sure it is protected in plastic or a poster tube. Any liquid that gets on the document can smear it. Posters are best protected and transported within cardboard tubes; you can get poster tubes at Hastings, Staples, art supply stores, or order online.

You can cut off extra white space as needed on the mat on the table just outside the printer area, use the roller blade and straight edge provided there.


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