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How to print to the large-format printer in Seeley Mudd using PowerPoint from Windows computers.



WARNING: DO NOT use any version of PowerPoint earlier than 2003 to create a slide that you are going to send to the large format printer. What prints will not look like what the program shows and will often be unusable.

Create a Document for Large-Format Printing

  1. Open PowerPoint. You are going to create a one slide presentation.
  2. From the menu select File then Page Setup.

    Screenshot of the Page Setup menu  used to specify the dimensions of what you want printed.

  3. From the Slides sized for: drop-down list choose a preset size if there is one that works for you or select Custom then specify the height and width you want using the Width and Height drop-down lists. This has to be the size your want for the final version of your document or poster, it will not work to resize your poster after designing it. If you can use one of the preset sizes that the printer recognizes, it may make things go a little easier. In this example we’re doing a custom size of 12x12 inches.
    Leave the Number slides from setting as is.
    For Orientation for Slides select Landscape or Portrait as you prefer. For Notes, handouts & outline leave the orientation set as is.
    Click OK.
  4. Create your document. You can use any of PowerPoint’s drawing or text tools and you can insert images. 
  5. When finished, make sure to save your document.

First Print a Proof or Practice Copy (see more info about Proofs)

  1. Open your document in PowerPoint. From the menu select File then Save As and save a copy of your document named "Proof version" or something similar.
  2. Make sure you are working in your copy of the document named "Proof version" and not your original file. Go to the page layout window and change the document size to something that will print on standard paper either letter or ledger/tabloid. It is best to use ledger/tabloid, the larger size, if your document has a lot of text and/or small text. Make sure to keep the aspect ratio (height/width ratio) as close to the original as possible.
  3. Print the proof document to a Black & White Laser, Color Laser or the SMudd Large Format Printer. If you need to check final color output, print your proof to the large-format printer.
  4. If you are printing to the Color Laser or SMUDD Larege Format Printer don't leave the computer yet! First, you must accept the print charges or your print job gets canceled. Stay at the computer until the Printing Charge dialogue window appears and you must click OK to accept the charges and let the print job go forward.
  5. Once you have your printout, look over your proof and make sure there are no errors. Correct any problems if applicable and make sure to do so in the original version of your poster, not the proof version. If you need to print another proof version, do the save as again and name the copy of the poster "proof version 2" or something similar. Then follow the steps above to change the size of proof version 2 and print it.

Second Print a Final Version on the Large-Format Printer

  1. Open the original version (not the proof version as discussed above) of your document.
  2. From the menu select File then Print.
  3. From the Printer Name: drop-down list, select Smudd Large Format Printer.
  4. Click Properties then select the Paper/Quality tab then click the button Advanced.
  5. From the Paper Size: drop-down list either select a preset paper size if one matches your document size or click Customize Postscript (found near the bottom of the list) to enter the width and height. If entering a custom paper size, make sure it matches your document size except you must set width as the shorter dimension.
    See picture below for an example.

    Screenshot of the printer options showing how you must choose appropriate size for the document you want printed.

  6. Click OK twice. 
  7. In the Printer Document Properties dialogue window, click the Page Layout tab. A graphic shows how the paper and your document are situated on the printer’s paper roll (see picture below as an example).
    In general, to save paper and reduce cost the long dimension should run along the cut edge unless the long dimension exceeds 42 inches.
    Where the paper size is higher than wide, click to select the rotate check box to save paper and keep your costs down. In this example we have rotated a 8x16 paper. Do not rotate if the page’s longer dimension is greater than 42 inches.
    When working from PowerPoint, the landscape/portrait options in the printer settings appear to have no effect. Specifying a larger size on the printer than in PowerPoint will waste paper. Using a smaller size will cause the printed material to be cropped.

    Screenshot of the large-format printer document properties, emphasizing that you should rotate your document in order to minimize the amount of paper you use when printing.

  8. Click OK then click OK again. You will be asked to give your username and password and, optionally, a job name.
  9. The dialogue window Print Job Details appears.
    In the field Please enter your Amherst Username, type your Amherst username.
    In the field Please enter your Amherst Password, type your Amherst password.
    In the field Please enter a name for this job, type your name.
    Click Print.
  10. Don't leave the computer yet! First, you must accept the print charges or your print job gets canceled. Stay at the computer until the Printing Charge dialogue window appears and you must click OK to accept the charges and let the print job go forward.
  11. Now go to the printer and watch the first few inches of the large-format printer's output of your print job to make sure it’s correct. If not, press the Cancel button on the right-hand side of the printer to cancel the print job and stop it printing. You will only be charged for the portion of the print job that completed printing. Revise your poster as needed and print it again.

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