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Use Mobile Printing for Public Printers


Introducing the new and improved public printing system, the one-stop destination for your printing needs. From a public lab computer, to even your mobile device on the go, you can order your document printed and release it any public printer.

The Pharos mobile printing for public printers system offers a convenient way to print from your mobile device or personal computer to public printers. With the adoption of mobile printing, green sheets - sheets used to separate print jobs - will no longer be used. Release your print jobs when you are ready to pick them up.

If you require more flexibility and specific settings such as multiple copies or single-sided printing, use directy printing from a computer center computer. Mobile printing is meant for printing one copy of a document, double-sided (as applicable).



Email a File

Email the file you want to print to either:

You must email from an Amherst email address not a gmail or other non-Amherst address.

The default setting for mobile print is one copy, double-sided.


Release Your Document to Print

  1. At any public printer, swipe your card on the card reader.
  2. First time card users must log in with the Amherst user name and password using the touchscreen.
  3. Your job, job cost, and balance display on the touchscreen.
  4. As needed delete unwanted jobs, print one job at a time, or opt to print all of your documents at once. 

Additional Information

Additional Information: 

Supported File Types

  • Documents     .doc | .dot | .docx | .rtf
  • Excel              .xls | .xlt | .xlsx | .xltx | .xltm | .xlsm |.csv
  • Powerpoint     .ppt | .pptx | .pptm | .pot | .pps | .potx | .ppsx
  • PDF                .pdf
  • Images           .jpg | .jpeg | .png | .bmp | .gif
  • Email              .txt | .mht | .eml
  • Visio               .vsd | .vss | .vst | .vdx | .vsx | .vtx | .vdw

Service Categories

Service Categories: 
Printing & Scanning