Preinstallation requirements:

  • CrashPlan can only be installed on a college owned computer.
  • You must be connected to the Amherst network.
  • Create a folder named "DoNotBackup" in your documents folder. Any items placed in this folder will be excluded from the backup.

Installation instructions for Windows computers:

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your Amherst user name and password Installing CrashPlanPROe on a PC
  3. Click on Install CrashPlan PROe

Installing CrashPlanPROe on a PC

4. Scroll down to the bottom of this window and click Install Now. If you do not see the Install Now please call the Help Desk at X2526.

  Installing CrashPlanPROe on a PC

5. You will be directed to the Download History Screen. CrashPlan PROe install will take aproximately three minutes. When you see the CrashPlan icon in the task bar close the browser and click on the icon.  Installing CrashPlanPROe on a PC

6. Login with your username and password.  Make sure that the user account you want to backup is the one you logged in on the computer with. Click Create Account when your information is complete.

  Installing CrashPlan PROe on Windows

7. Click Start Backup and CrashPlan PROe will start backing up your files.

  Installing CrashPlanPROe on a PC

8. The CrashPlan PROe home screen displays the progress of your backup. The initial backup can take a few hours to several days. Subsequent backups are incremental and occur much faster.

Installing CrashPlanPROe on a PC