Set passcode for an iOS device


Your iDevice may contain private data including your e-mail, calendar and contacts as well as personal and financial information. Because of their portability and desirability these devices are extremely high targets for theft.

You can help to protect yourself, your privacy and your property by setting a Passcode Lock on your device. In case of theft this will prevent anyone from accessing your data. If your iDevice is College-owned we require the use of a passcode and this setting will not be optional.

For your personally-owned devices, we strongly recommend use of a Passcode Lock.



To set your passcode for the first time:

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > Passcode Lock
  2. Touch the button to Turn Passcode On.
  3. In the Set Passcode screen, enter 4 numbers. As soon as you enter the 4th number, you’ll be asked to re-enter it for confirmation.

To change your passcode:

  1. Navigate to Settings > General > Passcode Lock
  2. Enter your current passcode.
  3. In the Passcode Lock screen, touch Change Passcode.
  4. Enter your new 4-digit passcode.

Additional Information

Additional Information: 

Review the other options for Passcode Lock settings to make sure they are what you want. For more information about Passcode Lock settings, view the Apple documentation on Passcode Lock for iDevices.

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Service Categories: 
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